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BROAD X Absorption chillers

The input heat energy heats LiBr solution to generate vapor, which is then condensed into water by cooling water. When the refrigerant water enters evaporator (in high vacuum condition), its temperature goes down immediately. And it is sprayed over the co

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YAZAKI Water Fired Chiller/Chiller-Heater

YAZAKI absorption chillers, using water as refrigerant, offer efficient and reliable choices in air conditioning. The single-effect and double-effect chillers are offered in a wide range of capacities from 17 kW to 700 kW

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SORTECH Adsorption chiller

Air-conditioning of small and medium sized buildings is currently the main area of application. However, this technology is also suitable for commercial and industrial cooling.

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In a typical office building the air-conditioning system makes up to 50% of the total energy consumption. In lieu of electricity, Non-Electric chillers use heat to produce the cooling effect and can help us to largely reduce the electricity consumption. With cooling load demands being in phase with the sun\'s intensity, cooling from intense solar radiation is definitely the route to take in order to achieve the highest saving of energy.

Range of capacity: We propose a wide range of absorption and adsorption chillers, from 5 kW to 12 MW, and adsorption chillers.


We provide a wide range of world-class absorption chillers that significantly reduce ever-rising energy bills, while increasing off-grid cooling efficiency. These chillers are designed for commercial applications and building projects that require chilled water for central air-conditioning systems. Whereas regular compression cooling depends on electricity, which elevates the overall costs and energy consumption and in addition creates CO2 emissions, non-electric chillers can run on any kind of heat such as:

  • Hot water
  • Solar thermal
  • Waste heat from co-generation or biomass
  • Waste heat from district power station or industry
  • Direct heat fired by gas
BROAD’s profile

Established in 1988, BROAD is today the No.1 global seller of absorption chiller and this since 1996. With over 25,000 installations in 60 different countries, the company is focusing on high quality products and services:

  • Around 90% (in value) of components are from world-class suppliers in Europe, USA and Japan, and are custom made according to BROAD specifications, and upgraded continuously per innovation requirements of BROAD.
  • BROAD has obtained all compulsory safety certificates required in Europe for complete range of its products, including EMC, LVD, gas directive & PED. All these certificates are issued by world-class competent bodies in Europe. So far, BROAD is the only absorption chiller manufacturer in the world who obtained all these certificates.
  • BROAD is the only manufacturer in the world remotely monitoring all chillers installed since 1996.


Broad is producing a wide range of single-effect non-electric chillers with a cooling/heating capacity from 233 KW to 11,630 kW.
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Different types of installations

BROAD & Hospitals
BROAD & Hotels
BROAD & Shopping Mall
BROAD & CHP Systems


BROAD reference list with 5?chilled water
BROAD reference list on CHP projects on gas turbine

BROAD reference list in sport center & Gym
BROAD reference list in Hotel
BROAD reference list in Airports

Yazaki profile

With over 30 years\' experience in developing and manufacturing absorption chillers, YAZAKI is often referred to as \'The Pioneers of Absorption\' and is today the worldwide leader for small to medium sized absorption chillers. With over 50 engineers exclusively dedicated to the research and development of our absorption chillers, the company is constantly implementing it\'s technologies:

  • 1970: developed its first Aroace absorption chiller and set-up the first mass production of small to medium sized absorption chiller,
  • 1974: YAZAKI designed the world’s first solar powered air conditioning system
  • 1980: Started of production of the double effect absorption chiller/heater Aroace CH-DE series (70 & 105 kW)
  • 2007: YAZAKI launches its new Aroace WFC-SC 5 model, featuring 17.5 kW cooling capacity for the European market

With over 100,000 chillers installed worldwide and an established workforce of over 200,000 employees, Yazaki is the world leader from small to medium sized technology: 170 companies over 38 countries are affiliated.
YAZAKI absorption chillers, using water as refrigerant, are protecting the environment and reducing energy costs. They also cover basic cooling loads and ease electrical peak demands.
YAZAKI single-effect and double-effect chillers are offered in a wide range of capacities from 17 kW to 700 kW.


For more information, please consult the following documents:

Yazaki Presentation and case studies

SorTech’s profilenonelec_chillers04

SorTech AG develops, manufactures and distributes adsorption chillers in the small scale performance range. Founded in Germany as a spin-off of Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) and UFE Solar GmbH in Freiburg, the company won the IQ innovation price Halle in 2007.

SorTech’s adsorption chillers are available for a performance range from 5 to 60 kW. By interconnecting single modules up to 60 kW, various cooling capacity can be achieved. One of the advantages of those units is the low minimum driving temperatures, starting at 60°C and robust up to 95°C. Moreover, prototypes have been tested successfully at different locations during cooling season 2007.

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